µ-Vent™ is a self-venting (patent pending) microwave valve that can be applied to premade pouches, rear weld bags, flat bags and rollstock. This innovative smart label is an efficient and cost effective way to microwave without piercing or cutting the bag before heating. µ-Vent™ allows steam to build-up inside the bag without concerns that seals will burst. µ-Vent™ can be used with Windham Packaging’s patented laser micro-perforation process for MAP of fresh produce. It can also be used on frozen food packages to replace less reliable perforation techniques for venting during microwaving.

For some fresh produce applications, we can micro-perforate the µ-Vent™ label to specific oxygen permeances so that it can function to both control the atmosphere inside the bag and as a microwave vent. Materials that are used to produce µ-Vent™ labels readily accept inks so various designs can be printed on the surface using flexographic printing processes.